Where To Buy Webkinz

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Where To Buy Webkinz

If you want to know where to buy webkinz there are lots of options. I’m going to tell you where I like to buy webkinz.

One Saturday a few months ago I was taking my five year old daughter out for a girls day out. We went to the Ben Franklin craft store near us to look for some arts and crafts projects to do together. We walked in the door to the store where they had a whole wall of webkinz to buy.

I told my daughter I would buy her one webkinz. She picked out a cute little dalmatian puppy. I had no idea that we were buying more than just a webkinz stuffed animal, we were buying the key to the whole webkinz world.

I read the tag when we got home and saw that there was a code and the address to the webkinz website. We entered our secret code and adopted our dalmatian.

Little by little we discovered all the fun things to do in Webkinz World. I have to say I enjoy playing the online games just as much if not more than my daughter. My favorite is the Wacky Zingoz game. It’s this silly game where you make this big orange guy club this little yellow guy and he goes flying through the air like driving golf balls at a driving range.

He giggles and makes these silly comments as he goes flying through the air. Anyway, I just got the biggest kick out of it. I just knew we had to buy more webkinz.

We tried to visit the charm forest but you have to own a webkinz charm and they were all out of them at the craft store so the search was on to find out where to buy webkinz and more webkinz products.

My first idea of where to buy webkinz was to check out eBay. They have thousands of webkinz and webkinz products to choose from. I also went to the webkinz site and searched under Store Locator. They have a list of where to buy webkinz in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and more.

We can buy webkinz in our area at some gift and card stores like Hallmark, at specialty toy and candy stores and JC Penney. You can also buy them online. The best place to buy webkinz at lower prices is eBay.

You can also check out Amazon.com for webkinz products you can’t find other places.

Well, I hope I have given you some ideas of where to buy webkinz. Have fun.

Webkinz Sassy Skunk Plush

The Sassy Skunk is the Webkinz Pet of the Month for February 2015.  This feisty pet loves to hang out with friends.  Ooh La La it’s posh pink tail and hair are oh so chic.  Being sassy and swanky this pet like to takes a luxurious bath in its pet specific item the Scented Bubble Bath.  Dining is also a treat with it’s pet specific food the Swanky Caesar Salad.

You’ll love this stylish plush pet and when you adopt one you get to participate in all the February 2015 Pet of the Month activities on Webkinz World.

Be sure to visit Webkinz World from February 7 to February 14, 2015.  In celebration of Valentine’s Day this February, Cinnamon the Webkinz Mazin’ Hamster will be returning to Kinzville Park with her chocolate stand.

You can collect one chocolate per day.  Here are all the virtual chocolates you can get.  Plus collect the grand prize of a Love Buggy pink car for your pet.

Pick up a Cinnamon Webkinz Mazin’ Hamster plush to play with as a special treat for Valentine’s Day yourself of the Webkinz fan you know and love.

Webkinz Cinnamon Mazin Hamster

The Webkinz Pink Iced Penquin is a December 2014 new release Webkinz pet.

This pretty pink pet is sleek and soft with sparkles.  Its special food is Frosted Strawberry Pop and its special item is Sundae Station.  You’ll have lots of fun with this wintery pet.

Here is an unboxing video and adoption video of the Pink Iced Penguin.

The Webkinz Fennec Fox is the Webkinz Pet of the Month for January 2015.

This crafty pet is a great friend and loves to get out and go.   Its special item is the Sand Dune Buggy  and it loves the excitement of riding the dunes with the wind blowing through its fur.  Its special food is Wild Egg Omelet that it loves to eat when famished.  If you adopt the Fennec Fox you can participate in all the Webkinz Pet of the Month specials and activities on Webkinz.

Get yours today!

Webkinz Fennec Fox January 2015 Pet of the Month

Webkinz Sweet Corn Tiger

Webkinz Sweet Corn Tiger is an adorable online pet and it’s perfect for October and the Halloween season.  This virtual pet is online only and is so cute with its white, yellow and orange coloring, just like a candy corn.

You can play with Webkinz Sweet Corn Tiger on Webkinz.com and you can get it at the Ganz estore for a limited time.  It comes as a virtual pet avatar and you get the Sweet Corn Tiger Gift box and its special item the Pumpkin Train so you can catch a ride throughout Kinzville.  Webkinz Sweet Corn Tiger favorite food is Purrfect Parfait a yummy Halloween styled treat.

Webkinz Rockabilly Rooster is the Webkinz Pet of the Month for October 2014.  Starting today October 1, 2014, if you adopt this pet during the month of October you will be able to participate in all the fun Webkinz pet of the month activities online.

This fun rooster will have you rockin’ and rollin’.

Its special item is Rooster Roadster and its special food is Corn Bread ‘n Beans.

When you get a flying pet in Webkinz World they get a treetop room all their own.

Webkinz Dragons

Webkinz Dragons

Webkinz Dragons are friendly not ferocious with a little fantasy added in. These mystic creatures are a magical addition to any Webkinz lover’s collection. They are cute and sparkly or dark and fiery. If you like dragons, these Webkinz stuffed animal dragons are a treat for you. Pick your favorite Webkinz Dragon. There are icy ones for a frosty day or dark and fiery like smoke and lava. You can get a playful one or a majestic and magical one. You get to decide the type you want and what type of personality and characteristics it will have.

There’s the Webkinz Citrus Dragon, the Emperor Dragon, the Whimsy Dragon, the Lava Dragon and the Ice Dragon. The Shamrock Dragon is a special holiday Webkinz that is just a virtual online pet. But all the other plush pets come with an online version of your dragon to play with on Webkinz in Kinzville too.

Webkinz Twilight Dragon

The Webkinz Twilight Dragon’s favorite time of day is just after sunset and before the moon comes up. This pretty blue and purple colored dragon has the colors of the sky just before the sun goes down and the enchanting feeling of a dusky sky.

It loves to play with all the toys in its Enchanted Toy Chest and its favorite food is Midnight Macaroni.

Webkinz Twilight Dragon

Webkinz Splash Dragon

The Webkinz Splash Dragon is a new release for August 2011. This mysterious creature is a legend from the sea. Splash Dragon is playful and loves to share. It is a water creature that is sure to delight. It’s favorite food is Salt Water Taffy and it’s special item is a Sea Legend’s Bed.

Webkinz Splash Dragon

Webkinz Emperor Dragon

The Webkinz Emperor Dragon is brave and wise and caring too. This dragon is true royalty. It’s special item is the Timeless Treasure Television and it’s favorite food is Dragon’s Dessert Flambe.

Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Emperor Dragon

Webkinz Citrus Dragon

The Webkinz Citrus Dragon is light green, orange and yellow. It’s thoughtful and kind and likes to stay cool. Its special item is a Lemonade Stand and its favorite food is Citrus Sherbet Sorbet.

Webkinz Citrus Dragon

Webkinz Lava Dragon

The Webkinz Lava Dragon is a fiery friend, lovable and chatty. Its special item is the Molten Magma Bed and its favorite food is Magical Magma Marshmallows.

Webkinz HM463 Halloween Lava Dragon Plush Animal

Webkinz Whimsy Dragon

Webkinz Whimsy Dragon is a magical, pink whimsy and loves to learn, play, and explore. Its special Item is the Treasure Throne and its favorite food is Flickering Flame Fajitas.

Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Whimsical Dragon

Webkinz Ice Dragon

The Webkinz Ice Dragon is really cool. With a frosty look and shimmering body, you’ll feel like you are in a magical arctic land of make believe. This polar pal likes to play in the Ice Tower Lookout and its favorite food is Mythical Milkshake.

Webkinz Ice Dragon

Webkinz Shamrock Dragon

Webkinz Shamrock Dragon

The Shamrock Dragon is a special online holiday Webkinz. You can play with this Webkinz Dragon online. Its special item is the Gushing Green Geyser and its favorite food is Candy Clovers.

Webkinz Stormy Dragon

Webkinz Stormy Dragon is one of the newest dragon pets from Webkinz. This stormy fellow loves to relax in the rain. When a storm in brewing it this pets favorite time. With a hint of dark clouds and an electrical storm in its coloring, you may also see a little bit of a shimmery rainbow when the storm has past. Its special item is lightning lagoon and its special food is Shimmering Soda.

Webkinz Plush Stormy Dragon Virtual Interactive Pet

Webkinz Glitzy Dragon

Webkinz Glitzy Dragon is one of the new release Webkinz for October 2011. Its special item is Winged Wardrobe and its special food is Classy Creme Brulee.

Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Glitzy Dragon

Webkinz Rockerz Fox is a new release Webkinz for March 2013. This Webkinz is part of the Rockerz Webkinz collection. These rock and roll pets like rockin’ out. The Webkinz Rockerz Fox is one foxy pet. With red hair and a splash of red at the end of its tail this pet is a little fire ball. Webkinz Rockerz Fox has a cool demin jacket and Rockerz tattoo. This is the perfect pet to add to your Webkinz Rockerz collection. Its special item is Autograph Signing Station and its special food is Foxy Falafels.

Webkinz Rockerz Fox 8.5″ Plush

Webkinz Rockerz Fox Special Item and Food

Webkinz Foxes

Webkinz Rockerz

Webkinz Rockerz are a fun new line of Webkinz that are pets with some interest in the music business. There are punk rockerz and blues rockerz and rock and roll rockerz. You can pick your favorites.

Webkinz Rockerz Papillon 8.5″ Plush

Webkinz Rockerz Pets

Webkinz Rockerz

Webkinz Rainbow Pegasus

Webkinz Rainbow Pegasus is a Webkinz new release for March 2013. This purple plush pegasus has purple wings and red sparkle accents. It’s blue mane and tail are fluffy and soft like a cloud. With its rainbow fringe neck it will be flying through the skies. Its special item is Floating Cloud Haven and its special food is Rainbow Marshmallow Kabobs. Be sure to get this perfect pet today.

Webkinz Rainbow Pegasus 8.5″ Plush

Webkinz Rainbow Pegasus Special Item and Food

Rainbow Webkinz

Webkinz Rainbow Pegasus Adoption

Webkinz Golden Pegasus

Webkinz Golden Pegasus is a beautiful Webkinz. This mythical creature is white and gold with specked flecks. You can pretend your pet is flying through the air as the sun sparkles off its golden features. Its special item is Hidden Hot Spring and its special food is Golden Gyro.

Webkinz Golden Pegasus

Golden Pegasus Special Item and Food

Webkinz Pegasus Pets

Webkinz on Pinterest

Webkinz Dachshund

Webkinz Dachshund is an excitable pet. This little black and brown dog is intelligent and loves to be with friends. Its special item is Dashin’ Dachshund Treadmill and its special food is Teeny Roasted Weenies. This Webkinz weiner dog will make a nice addition to your Webkinz collection. There are other Webkinz Dachshunds like the Cinnamon Dachshund and the Dazzle Dachshund. For March 2013 there is a new release Signature Webkinz Miniature Dachshund that you may want to get too if you are a Dachshund lover.

Webkinz Dachshund

Webkinz Dachshund Special Item and Food

Webkinz Dachshunds

Webkinz Dachshund Adoption

Webkinz Signature Miniature Dachshund

The Webkinz Signature Miniature Dachshund is a new release Webkinz for March 2013. This adorable brown weiner dog is a fun loving friend. Its special item is Hot Dog Shop and its special food is Tiny Hotdog Sliders. This plush pet would make a great gift for little hot dog lovers.

Webkinz Signature Miniature Dachshund 10.5″ Plush

Webkinz Signature Miniature Dachshund Special Item and Food

Webkinz Pretty Kitty is a new release Webkinz for April 2013. This Pretty Kitty is fluffy and white and has a multi-colored ribbon tail. Webkinz Pretty Kitty loves ballet and dancing and likes to wear a tutu. Pretty Kitty’s special item is Ribbon Tutu Dress and its special food is Fishy Finger Cakes. This pet is so sweet and cute and purrfect for cat lovers. It makes a great addition to your collection.

Webkinz Pretty Kitty 8.5″ Plush

Webkinz Pretty Kitty Special Item and Food

Webkinz Pretty Kitty Video

Pretty Webkinz Pets

Webkinz Kitty Cats

Webkinz Ribbon Yorkie

Webkinz Ribbon Yorkie would make a great companion for the Webkinz Pretty Kitty. This pink pup has long flowing ribbons and is just adorable. This pup loves to get attention and is very flamboyant. It’s very pretty too and has a passion for beautiful things. It loves hanging out with friends and eating and napping.

Its special item is Fine Ribbon Bed and its special food is Yorkshire Fish and Chips.

Webkinz Ribbon Yorkie

Webkinz Ribbon Yorkie Special Item and Food

Ribbon Webkinz

Webkinz Fleecy Sheep is the Webkinz Pet of the Month for April 2013. Fleecy Sheep is a wooly, warm and cuddly friend. It likes to bake and play hopscotch. Its special item is Sweet Sweater Stand and its special food is Grazed Glazed Greens.

When you get a Webkinz Fleecy Sheep and enter the adoption code into Webkinz World, you can participate in all the Webkinz Pet of the Month activities and games for April 2013.

Webkinz Fleecy Sheep

Webkinz Fleecy Sheep Special Item and Food

Webkinz Sheep

Webkinz Fleecy Sheep Adoption Video

Spring Webkinz

The Webkinz Fleecy Sheep makes a great gift for Easter and then in April 2013 your child can participate in the Webkinz Pet of the Month activities with their new Fleecy Sheep.

There are other Springtime and Easter Webkinz you can get to give for Easter gifts that are so cute and help you celebrate the season.

Webkinz Spring Celebration Bunny Code Certificate – Virtual Pet Only – NO PLUSH TOY

Easter Webkinz

Easter Webkinz make wonderful Easter gifts for children and are a fun way to celebrate the holiday. There are lots of cute bunnies and springtime Webkinz that you can collect that are just right for Easter. This adorable Webkinz Mazin Hamster is so cute with its little bunny ears and carrots. It would look so cute in your little ones Easter basket.

Webkinz Carrots Mazin Hamster

Carrots the Webkinz Mazin Hamster is a plush hamster pet that you can get to play with on Webkinz World. You can open new worlds to play different levels in Mazin Hamsters and take your hamster through tunnels and mazes and explore around to discover new things in different rooms. The more hamsters you get the more you can play.

Easter Webkinz

Webkinz Seasonal Easter Bunny

A Webkinz Marshmellow Bunny is a seasonal Webkinz that’s just perfect for Easter. This Easter bunny is light and fluffy just like a marshmellow. This sweet bunny will hop into your heart for Easter. Its special item is Marshmellow Seeds and its special food is Miniature Marshmellow Plate.

Webkinz Seasonal Plush Stuffed Animal Marshmallow Bunny

Webkinz Marshmellow Bunny

Webkinz Googles

Webkinz Pink Googles is more like a platypus but it looks like a cute little ducky. This Pink Googles is very sweet and would make a great gift for Easter. Its special item is Googles Gem Zen Garden and its special food is Jumbles Googles Caboodles.

Webkinz Pink Googles

Webkinz Pink Googles Special Item and Food

Webkinz Easter Duck

Webkinz Easter Sheep

Webkinz Dreamy Sheep is a seasonal Webkinz for Easter. This fluffy pink and purple sheep is a cute little lamb and a baby animal friend for Springtime. Its special item is Day Dreamer’s Window and its special food is Midnight Snack.

Webkinz Dreamy Sheep – Easter Seasonal Release

Webkinz Dreamy Sheep Special Item and Food

Webkinz Lamb and Sheep

Webkinz Lamb

Webkinz Valentine Pet Room Decor Items and Treats

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s time to celebrate and decorate your Webkinz pet’s online room for Valentine’s Day.  There are lots of great Valentine Webkinz, Valentine decor and special Valentine items that you can get for your Webkinz.

Webkinz Lovely Panda
Webkinz Lovely Panda

Webkinz Sweetheart Monster
Webkinz Sweetheart Monster

Webkinz Out of Control Valentine Decorator
Webkinz Out of Control Valentine Decorator

Webkinz Valentine Cupcakes
Webkinz Valentine Cupcakes

Webkinz Valentine Fountain

Get Your Webkinz Valentine Sweets and Treats