If you want to know where to buy webkinz there are lots of options. I’m going to tell you where I like to buy webkinz.

One Saturday a few months ago I was taking my five year old daughter out for a girls day out. We went to the Ben Franklin craft store near us to look for some arts and crafts projects to do together. We walked in the door to the store where they had a whole wall of webkinz to buy.

I told my daughter I would buy her one webkinz. She picked out a cute little dalmatian puppy. I had no idea that we were buying more than just a webkinz stuffed animal, we were buying the key to the whole webkinz world.

I read the tag when we got home and saw that there was a code and the address to the webkinz website. We entered our secret code and adopted our dalmatian.

Little by little we discovered all the fun things to do in Webkinz World. I have to say I enjoy playing the online games just as much if not more than my daughter. My favorite is the Wacky Zingoz game. It’s this silly game where you make this big orange guy club this little yellow guy and he goes flying through the air like driving golf balls at a driving range.

He giggles and makes these silly comments as he goes flying through the air. Anyway, I just got the biggest kick out of it. I just knew we had to buy more webkinz.

We tried to visit the charm forest but you have to own a webkinz charm and they were all out of them at the craft store so the search was on to find out where to buy webkinz and more webkinz products.

My first idea of where to buy webkinz was to check out eBay. They have thousands of webkinz and webkinz products to choose from. I also went to the webkinz site and searched under Store Locator. They have a list of where to buy webkinz in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and more.

We can buy webkinz in our area at some gift and card stores like Hallmark, at specialty toy and candy stores and JC Penney. You can also buy them online. The best place to buy webkinz at lower prices is eBay.

You can also check out Amazon.com for webkinz products you can’t find other places.

Well, I hope I have given you some ideas of where to buy webkinz. Have fun.