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When you get a Zumbuddy for your Webkinz pet you get access to Zumwhere in Webkinz World. Then you can look for more online Zums with your KinzCam and take pictures of zumbuddies for your field guide. See how many Zums you can find. Here I found a yellow zum named Zulu. This one was […]

Here’s a cute video for Valentine’s Day. Webkinz Love Frog and Webkinz Spotted Bull Frog fall in love. Webkinz Love Frog Limited Edition Release WEBKINZ – Bullfrog

The Signature Webkinz are hard to find but you can get them here. Here are some current listings for Webkinz Signature pets for sale on eBay right now. Pick up the new Webkinz Signature Cocker Spaniel.