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Wacky Zingoz is one of my favorite characters in Webkinz World.  Here is a cute video of the Dunk the Zingoz Game I played the other day. The Wacky Zingoz plush dolls are fun and talk when you wack them.

Here is the solution to the Webkinz secret clothing recipe for a Detective Cap that has been unsolved for weeks now.

The pets at Webkinz now have buddies to play with. Zumbuddies are one of the latest creative ideas from the folks at Ganz. Now your Webkinz fan can play in Zumwhere in Webkinz World. When you purchase a Zumbuddy you not only get a cute plush toy to play with, you also get a code […]

The Grey Arabian is August’s Pet of the Month! Adopt a Grey Arabian any time in August to get a Pet of the Month loot bag! Everyone that owns the Pet of the Month can participate in the extra activities. Duration : 0:3:22

Just watch the video. Duration : 0:1:39

How to make a Webkinz Lava Lamp

Here is a fun and easy craft for you Webkinz lovers out there. It’s a Webkinz Lava Lamp. This is an easy to follow video tutorial showing you how to make Webkinz lava lamps. You can make as many as you want in any color you want too.

Here is a great craft project that shows you how to make a Webkinz clothes closet to keep all your Webkinz clothes neat and tidy. [wordbay]webkinz clothing[/wordbay]