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Webkinz Rockerz Fox is a new release Webkinz for March 2013. This Webkinz is part of the Rockerz Webkinz collection. These rock and roll pets like rockin’ out. The Webkinz Rockerz Fox is one foxy pet. With red hair and a splash of red at the end of its tail this pet is a little […]

Webkinz Rainbow Pegasus

Webkinz Rainbow Pegasus is a Webkinz new release for March 2013. This purple plush pegasus has purple wings and red sparkle accents. It’s blue mane and tail are fluffy and soft like a cloud. With its rainbow fringe neck it will be flying through the skies. Its special item is Floating Cloud Haven and its […]

Webkinz Dachshund

Webkinz Dachshund is an excitable pet. This little black and brown dog is intelligent and loves to be with friends. Its special item is Dashin’ Dachshund Treadmill and its special food is Teeny Roasted Weenies. This Webkinz weiner dog will make a nice addition to your Webkinz collection. There are other Webkinz Dachshunds like the […]

Webkinz Pretty Kitty is a new release Webkinz for April 2013. This Pretty Kitty is fluffy and white and has a multi-colored ribbon tail. Webkinz Pretty Kitty loves ballet and dancing and likes to wear a tutu. Pretty Kitty’s special item is Ribbon Tutu Dress and its special food is Fishy Finger Cakes. This pet […]

Webkinz Fleecy Sheep is the Webkinz Pet of the Month for April 2013. Fleecy Sheep is a wooly, warm and cuddly friend. It likes to bake and play hopscotch. Its special item is Sweet Sweater Stand and its special food is Grazed Glazed Greens. When you get a Webkinz Fleecy Sheep and enter the adoption […]

Webkinz Penguin is a black and white bundle of fun. This pet likes to waddle around online at Webkinz World. It loves making new friends and has a warm heart. Its special item is Icy Fishing Hole Fridge and its special food is a Fishsicle. Webkinz Penguin is a retired Webkinz and rare to find […]

Webkinz Grape Soda Pup is a bubbley friend with a grapey color. This light purple and lavender plush puppy is just adorable. The Webkinz Grape Soda Pup is one of the Webkinz soda pets and it is an October 2012 new release. You’ll have great fun playing with Webkinz Grape Soda Pup plush and when […]

Webkinz Lucky Dino is a charming dinosaur plush pet. This pet is white with green shamrocks and has a green scaled back. If you own one you are lucky indeed. This Lucky Dinosaur is the perfect gift for St. Patrick’s day and is a new release for January 2013. The luck of the Irish makes […]

Webkinz Opal Owl

The Webkinz Opal Owl is a new release for January 2013. This adorable hooty owl is brown with a jeweled pattern on its tummy and under its wings. It has a fluffy collar and ears. It would make a wonderful gift for owl lovers. Its special item is Forest Treasures Safe and its special food […]

The Webkinz Red Squirrel is the Webkinz Pet of the Month for November 2012. This friendly little fellow has a big bushy rustic red tail and it knows how to find nuts in the woods. Its special item is the Carefully Carved Lamppost and its special food is Peppermint Pinecone. This curious critter can come […]

The Webkinz New Releases for January 2012 are available now. There are so many cute new Webkinz to get. Webkinz White Tiger – HM614 Webkinz Darling Dino – HM621 Webkinz Airedale Terrier – HM628 Webkinz Holland Lop Bunny – HM632 Webkinz Blossom Sea Turtle – HM640 Webkinz Cotton Candy Puppy – HM642 Webkinz Mohawk Puppy […]

December 2011 Webkinz New Releases

Webkinz December 2011 New Releases The December 2011 New Webkinz have been released and there are some cute and cuddly Webkinz to add to your collection. There are also some new virtual pets that you can get at the estore or on ebay if you want to get the codes. Which ones are you going […]

Webkinz combo pack 2pets/1 lil kinz/2 clothing -New! $15.00 End Date: Thursday Jun-23-2011 0:08:08 PDT Buy It Now for only: $15.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Webkinz combo kit packup includes sealed in a large box 1 lil kinz hs104 -chihuahua 2 full size webkinz- 1 hm159 -schnauzer dog, 1 hm152 charcoal […]

Here is the adorable Webkinz Tie Dye Puppy! It’s a new release for September 2010. Webkinz Tie Dyed Puppy September 2010 Release + 1 Free Fruity Lip Gloss With A Secret Code That Gives You An Exclusive Gift In Webkinz World!!! [wordbay]webkinz tie dye puppy[/wordbay]

The Signature Pomeranian and Small Signature Small White Persian are June 2010’s featured Signature pets! These pets are available now. [wordbay]june signature webkinz[/wordbay]