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Went to the mall this week and Justice had all the new Zumbuddies.  Here’s our new Zumbuddy friend Zane.  Zane is a lazy zum from the Series 2 First Edition Zumbuddies.  We can play with Zane and our other Zumbuddy Zuzu in Zumwhere.

When you get a Zumbuddy for your Webkinz pet you get access to Zumwhere in Webkinz World. Then you can look for more online Zums with your KinzCam and take pictures of zumbuddies for your field guide. See how many Zums you can find. Here I found a yellow zum named Zulu. This one was […]

Zumwhere in Webkinz World is full of cute and wonderful zums. Now you can get six more plush zumbuddies too. The second round of first edition Webkinz Zumbuddies are coming February 2010. You will be able to get them in stores soon but you can pre-order Zumbuddies now and get them as soon as possible. […]

The pets at Webkinz now have buddies to play with. Zumbuddies are one of the latest creative ideas from the folks at Ganz. Now your Webkinz fan can play in Zumwhere in Webkinz World. When you purchase a Zumbuddy you not only get a cute plush toy to play with, you also get a code […]