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Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s time to celebrate and decorate your Webkinz pet’s online room for Valentine’s Day.  There are lots of great Valentine Webkinz, Valentine decor and special Valentine items that you can get for your Webkinz. Webkinz Lovely Panda Webkinz Sweetheart Monster Webkinz Out of Control Valentine Decorator Webkinz Valentine Cupcakes Get Your Webkinz […]

Prehistoric Webkinz are a fun collection of Webkinz Dinosaurs and other Ice Age, Jurassic and Stone Age pets. Now you can play with these extinct animal plush pets and visit with them online at Webkinz World. There are lots of great Webkinz Dinos, a Sabertooth Tiger, Pterodactyl and other caveman times pets. They are great […]

Webkinz Aardvark

The Webkinz Aardvark is the Webkinz Pet of the Month for January 2013. This nosey pet loves to roam around Webkinz World. Maybe it has ants in its pants. Being an anteater it likes to eat ants and termites. Its special item is Ant Hill Thrill Pit and its special food is Termite Delight. Adopt […]

Webkinz Peace Puppy

Webkinz Peace Puppy is an extremely rare Webkinz. This adorable puppy has sky blue ears and peace signs all over its white coat. This peaceful pup is just precious and has deep peaceful eyes. Its special item is Plasma Peace Sign and its special food is Peaceful Pasta. If you are lucky and have a […]

Get Your Webkinz Love Lion for Valentine’s Day The Webkinz Love Lion is covered with candy colored hearts to make this loveable lion a favorite for Valentine’s Day. This plush pet is a fun gift and also comes with a personalized code for an online pet on Webkinz.com. The Webkinz Love Lion is a December […]

Here is a cute video of a Webkinz double adoption a Webkinz Gobbler Turkey and a Halloween Night Mare Webkinz Gobbler Turkey from Ganz Webkinz Plush Halloween Night Mare [wordbay]webkinz turkey[/wordbay]

Wacky Zingoz is one of my favorite characters in Webkinz World.  Here is a cute video of the Dunk the Zingoz Game I played the other day. The Wacky Zingoz plush dolls are fun and talk when you wack them.

Easter is right around the corner.  Here is the adorable Webkinz Cotton Candy Bunny.  It’s a seasonal Webkinz that is perfect as an addition to any Webkinz lover’s Easter basket.  Get yours today! Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Cotton Candy Bunny (Great for Easter!)

You can play with your Zums online at Webkinz(dot)com. To get to Zumwhere you go to the Magical Forest and click on the arrow to the left to find Zumwhere. You can look for online Zumbuddies at Zums Sighting once a day or just play with your own Zumbuddies by clicking on the Visit Zums […]

When you look for Zums in Zumwhere on Webkinz you sometimes have to take and win a challenge to add the Zumbuddy to your field guide. I found this peeking zum and won the Cloud Counter game challenge.

When you get a Zumbuddy for your Webkinz pet you get access to Zumwhere in Webkinz World. Then you can look for more online Zums with your KinzCam and take pictures of zumbuddies for your field guide. See how many Zums you can find. Here I found a yellow zum named Zulu. This one was […]

Here is the solution to the Webkinz secret clothing recipe for a Detective Cap that has been unsolved for weeks now.

It’s Groundhog’s Day!  Will it be six more weeks of winter or an early spring?  Either way it will be fun playing inside with our Webkinz. Here’s a cute video of an adoption of a Webkinz Groundhog. Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Groundhog

Here’s a video of our candy cane plant in Webkinz World. We got the candy cane seeds in the new pet adoption gift bag we got with our Peppermint Puppy we got for Christmas. Our candy cane plant sure did grow big and we can harvest two candy canes every seven days if we water […]

Here’s a cute video for Valentine’s Day. Webkinz Love Frog and Webkinz Spotted Bull Frog fall in love. Webkinz Love Frog Limited Edition Release WEBKINZ – Bullfrog