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The June 2010 Webkinz New Releases are now available. They are the Webkinz Golden Pegasus, Webkinz Red Panda and Webkinz Chinchilla. [wordbay]june 2010 webkinz[/wordbay]

When you look for Zums in Zumwhere on Webkinz you sometimes have to take and win a challenge to add the Zumbuddy to your field guide. I found this peeking zum and won the Cloud Counter game challenge.

When you get a Zumbuddy for your Webkinz pet you get access to Zumwhere in Webkinz World. Then you can look for more online Zums with your KinzCam and take pictures of zumbuddies for your field guide. See how many Zums you can find. Here I found a yellow zum named Zulu. This one was […]

We are having so much fun with our new Zumbuddy in Zumwhere on Webkinz.com Here’s a cute video of what happens when your Zumbuddy gets to 100% happy.  They have a little dance party and give away zummies.  There are balloons and confetti and fun music.

We got a Webkinz Zumbuddy.  Her name is Zuzu and she has a peachy pink face and body with pretty plum and light teal wings.  She’s so cute and we can play with her in Zumwhere on Webkinz.

Zumwhere in Webkinz World is full of cute and wonderful zums. Now you can get six more plush zumbuddies too. The second round of first edition Webkinz Zumbuddies are coming February 2010. You will be able to get them in stores soon but you can pre-order Zumbuddies now and get them as soon as possible. […]

Here’s one of the latest games that have been added to the Webkinz online games arcade.  The Webkinz Polarberry Jam game is fun and very wintery.  Try it for yourself.

It’s September and time for a new Webkinz Pet of the Month. The Spotted Leopard is the Webkinz Pet of the Month for September 2009. Here is a cute music video all about the Webkinz Spotted Leopard called “I gotta lotta soft spots for you.”

The Signature Webkinz are hard to find but you can get them here. Here are some current listings for Webkinz Signature pets for sale on eBay right now. Pick up the new Webkinz Signature Cocker Spaniel.

My daughter drew a lovely picture of her Webkinz Rose who is a Jack Russell Terrier puppy. She wanted me to show it to everyone on my site.  Here it is.

XxWebkinzxXhttp://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/xxwebkinzxxAnimalsWebkinz, july, webknz, fox, walrus, signature, raccoon, twany, pupMy Opinion / Review On The July 2009 Webkinz! Duration : 0:1:59

All you Webkinz fans out there it’s a new month and time for a new Webkinz pet. The spotted frog is the new pet of the month in Webkinz World. Here is a fun video all about the Webkinz Spotted Frog. Enjoy!

These larger Webkinz Signature Pets are carefully crafted from the highest quality, ultra soft plush. Each design has realistic details and subtle colorations. Each Special Signature pet adoption includes a wish token, e-store quality pet specific item and a piece of furniture from the new Signature room theme!

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