Webkinz December 2011 New Releases
Webkinz December 2011 New Releases

The December 2011 New Webkinz have been released and there are some cute and cuddly Webkinz to add to your collection.

There are also some new virtual pets that you can get at the estore or on ebay if you want to get the codes.

Which ones are you going to get?

The Webkinz Bubblegumasaurus is a pink bubblegum colored dinosaur with shiny purple scales. Its special Item is Giant Gumball Wardrobe and its special food is Bubbly Gumbo.

Webkinz Bubblegumasaurus

Bubblegumasaurus HM647

The Webkinz Arctic Polar is soft and white with light blue nose and toes. This fluffy bear needs lots of love.  Its special item is Peek-a-Boo Pond and its Special Food is Polarberry Punch.

Webkinz Artic Polar Bear

Arctic Polar Bear HM342

The Webkinz Sifaka Lemur looks just like Zoboo from Zoboomafoo the PBS Kids Sprout show.  It is an energetic little fellow.  Its special item is Tall Tree Hideaway and its special food is Forest Fruit Salad.

Webkinz Sifaka Lemur

Sifaka Lemur HM638

Webkinz Sterling Cheeky Cat loves seafood and likes to chase yarn balls.  Its special item is Fun to Run Yarn Ball and its special food is Tuna Melt Medley.

Webkinz Sterling Cheeky Cat

Sterling Cheeky Cat HM496

The Webkinz Patchy Puppy is new for December 2011.  It’s peach, pink and blue with rainbow striped patches.  It loves to chase bubbles and have fun.  Its special item is Backyard Bubble Maker and its special food is Twisted Fruit Slushy.

Webkinz Patchy Puppy

Patchy Puppy HM660

Webkinz Powder Puff Porcupine is an adorable and cuddly pink porcupine.  It has a fluffy pink fur puff back for quills.  Its special item is Powder Puffy Couch and its special food is Water Lily Puffs.

Webkinz Powerpuff Porcupine

Powder Puff Porcupine HM650

Webkinz Signature Arctic Fox is a snow loving pet. its special item is Daring Den Slide and its special food is Frozen Fish and Chips.

Webkinz Signature Arctic Fox

Signature Arctic Fox WKS1053

Webkinz Glacial Fox is a virtual pet only.  You can get the online code at the Ganz estore.  Its special item is Frozen Fun Slide and its special food is Freshly Frozen Nuggets.

Webkinz Glacial Fox

Glacial Fox HM9018

The Webkinz Fabled Goose is a online virtual pet that was a special parents contest prize.

Webkinz Fabled Goose

Fabled Goose HM9028

Poinsettia Lion is a Christmas Webkinz online virtual pet. Its special item is Gingerbread Oven and its special food is Festive Fruitcake.

Poinsettia Lion HM9027

Webkinz Gelato Parrot is an online virtual pet.  Its special item is Sprawling Candy Plant and its special food is Tropical Fruit Frenzy.

Webkinz Gelato Parrot

Gelato Parrot HM9026