The Webkinz Moose is the Webkinz Pet of the Month for December 2012. This great big moose is a cool critter. Moose is easy-going and is a great buddy. It likes to chill out on its special item, the Great White North throne and on dine its special food, a delicious dish of chocolate mousse.

If you are looking for a true pal, the Webkinz Moose is a loyal friend. Adopt the Webkinz Moose for the month of December 2012 and you get to participate in all the Webkinz pet of the month activities for that month.

Webkinz Moose

Webkinz Moose Special Item and Food

Webkinz Moose Adoption Video

Webkinz Minty Moose

Webkinz Minty Moose is another great wintertime webkinz pet. This cheerful moose likes to be festive and get loose. It is a wonderful addition to any holiday celebration. Its peppermint striped antlers help make the Minty Moose the life of the party.

You’ll have a Merry Christmas with this moose around for the season. Its special item is Polar Lamp Post and its special food is Mistletoe Cookie Dough Ice Cream.

Webkinz Virtual Pet Plush – MINTY MOOSE

Webkinz Minty Moose Special Item and Food

Webkinz Minty Moose Adoption Video

Webkinz Maple Moose

Webkinz Maple Moose is a virtual only pet on Webkinz and is another fun Webkinz Moose pet. Its special item is Gourmet Cupcake Maker and its special food is Maple Walnut Squares.

Webkinz Maple Moose Adoption Video

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