The Webkinz Red Squirrel is the Webkinz Pet of the Month for November 2012. This friendly little fellow has a big bushy rustic red tail and it knows how to find nuts in the woods. Its special item is the Carefully Carved Lamppost and its special food is Peppermint Pinecone. This curious critter can come to your neighborhood when you adopt this cuddly plush pet.

Webkinz Red Squirrel – HM404

Webkinz Red Squirrel Special Item and Food

Red Squirrel was released in July of 2012 and was the November 2012 Webkinz Pet of the Month. If you love squirrels then this is the pet for you. You’ll just love its fuzzy tail and ears and its cute little face.

Webkinz Red Squirrel Video

Red Squirrel Finger Puppet

If you like red squirrels then you may like this adorable red squirrel finger puppet. This Folkmanis finger puppet is very realistic and looks just like a baby red squirrel. It’s perfect for a puppet show about creatures of the forest or woods.

Folkmanis Red Squirrel Finger Puppet

Webkinz Grey Squirrel

The Webkinz Grey Squirrel is very energetic and oh so busy. This rambunctious rodent is fun to take along with you on interesting adventures. It is happy to tag along and has energy to spare.

Its special item is Amazing Acorn Armoire and its special food is Munchy Acorn Meringues.

Webkinz Grey Squirrel – HM203

The Webkinz Grey Squirrel was released in December 2009 and is retired now, but you can still adopt one if you are lucky.

Webkinz Grey Squirrel Special Item and Food

Webkinz Grey Squirrel Video

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