Webkinz Fleecy Sheep is the Webkinz Pet of the Month for April 2013. Fleecy Sheep is a wooly, warm and cuddly friend. It likes to bake and play hopscotch. Its special item is Sweet Sweater Stand and its special food is Grazed Glazed Greens.

When you get a Webkinz Fleecy Sheep and enter the adoption code into Webkinz World, you can participate in all the Webkinz Pet of the Month activities and games for April 2013.

Webkinz Fleecy Sheep

Webkinz Fleecy Sheep Special Item and Food

Webkinz Sheep

Webkinz Fleecy Sheep Adoption Video

Spring Webkinz

The Webkinz Fleecy Sheep makes a great gift for Easter and then in April 2013 your child can participate in the Webkinz Pet of the Month activities with their new Fleecy Sheep.

There are other Springtime and Easter Webkinz you can get to give for Easter gifts that are so cute and help you celebrate the season.

Webkinz Spring Celebration Bunny Code Certificate – Virtual Pet Only – NO PLUSH TOY