Spring Webkinz are adorable springtime plush pets that you can collect. When Spring is in the air little baby animals come out and play. Webkinz World has some cute and cuddly pets just for the season and Easter too.

There are Webkinz bunnies and ducks and other springtime Webkinz stuffed animals that make great gifts. This Webkinz Springy Kangaroo is cute in blue with pastel flowers. It has a colorful pouch and likes to hop around Webkinz World. Its special item is Floral Pantry and its special food is Roasted Wild Grass.

Webkinz Springy Kangaroo Plush

Webkinz Springy Kangaroo Special Item and Food

Springtime Webkinz

Spring Webkinz Pets

Webkinz Easter Pet

Webkinz Shimmer Bunny is a white with pastel colors rabbit and the perfect pet for Easter. This loveable bunny will hop into your heart. Its special item is Polka Dot Dresser and its special food is Spotty Biscotti.

Webkinz Shimmer Bunny

Webkinz Shimmer Bunny Special Item and Food

Webkinz Duck

Webkinz Duck is a seasonal Webkinz for Spring. Its special item is Wetlands Pond Bathtub and its special food is Cheese and Quackers.

Webkinz Duck

Webkinz Duck Special Item and Food

Webkinz Duck Adoption