Webkinz Valentine – Single Red Rose

Valentine Webkinz make great gifts for someone you love. These cute and cuddly Webkinz are adorable pets with pink and red hearts to make them special for Valentine’s day or any day you want to show someone you love that you care.

Valentine Webkinz are rare seasonal Webkinz pets that collectors really appreciate. So do Webkinz lovers. There are lots of different stuffed animals that you can get that have a love theme. There are online virtual Valentine Webkinz pets that you can play with too. When you enter the special code online you receive a special virtual gift box that you can give to your online pet. When you open it you will get your pet’s special item and food.

Around Valentine’s Day they have lots of Valentine activities that you can participate in on Webkinz and Valentine decorations for your pets room. Each season and holiday there will be different ways to make your Webkinz rooms look festive and give you a fun way to celebrate that season.

Valentine Webkinz Love Story

Valentine Webkinz

Webkinz Eluvant

The Webkinz Eluvant is a lovey dovey elephant with pink and red hearts. You’ll just adores this loveable elephant. This pet sure is passionate and is looking for love. Its special item is the True Love Wishing Well and its special food is Luv Potion Pop.

Webkinz Eluvant – Valentine’s Day Seasonal Release

Eluvant is a great gift to give to show the Elephant lover you know how much you care.

Webkinz Eluvant Special and Food – True Luv Wishing Well – Luv Potion Pop

Webkinz Eluvant Video

Webkinz Love Frog

Webkinz Love Frog is a seasonal Webkinz and perfect for Valentine’s day. This loveable pet will hop right into your heart. Its special item is Love Pond and its special food is Candied Rose Petals.

Webkinz Love Frog Limited Edition Release

Would you kiss this frog? Maybe it will turn into royalty and you will live happily ever after.

Webkinz Love Frog Special Item and Food – Love Pond – Candied Rose Petals

Webkinz Love Frog Video

Webkinz Love Monkey

Webkinz Love Monkey is a cute pink monkey with red and purple hearts all over it. It is the perfect Valentine’s gift for the Webkinz or Monkey lover.

Webkinz Love Monkey loves to play with friends, especially you. Its special item is Lovely Monkey Armchair and its special food is Blushin’ Banana Bread.

Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Love Monkey, Valentine

If you like monkeying around on Valentine’s Day this pet will be just the thing to have you swinging from the trees and spreading love and cheer.

Webkinz Love Monkey Special Item and Food – Love Monkey Armchair – Blushin Banana Bread

Webkinz Love Monkey Video

Webkinz Love Spaniel

Webkinz Love Spaniel is a lovable Valentine Webkinz. This pet is a true romantic and an enchanting friend. Webkinz Love Spaniel loves to spend time in its special item the Heart Warming Tub and eat its special food Fruit Salad.

Webkinz Love Spaniel

This playful pup is bound to win your heart. Its cute and cuddly personality will make this pet a favorite with Spaniel fans.

Webkinz Love Spaniel Special Item and Food- Heart Warming Tub – Passion Fruit Salad

Webkinz Love Spaniel Video

Webkinz Love Puppy

Webkinz Love Puppy is a pup who shows its love for you. It will be your best friend and loyal to the end. Webkinz Love Puppy is adorable with its sweetheart spots and it loves to spend time with you. Its special item is Tender Hearts Loveseat and its special food is Sweetheart Tarts.


This rare Webkinz is worth its weight in gold and will surely be appreciated as a sign of affection.

Webkinz Love Puppy Special Item and Food – Tender Hearts Loveseat – Sweetheart Tart

Webkinz Love Puppy Video

Webkinz Love Lion

Webkinz Love Lion has a fluffy pink mane and pink and white hearts with a red heart at the end of its tail. The Webkinz Love Lion is a Valentine Webkinz and makes a great gift. This sweet pet will be sure to please. Its special item is Lovely Stained Glass Window and its special food is Heartfelt Tuna Melt.

Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Love Lion

This lion is a real prince. It will melt your heart with its loving disposition and charm your heart away with it’s loving eyes.

Webkinz Love Lion Special Item and Food – Lovely Stained Glass Window – Heartfelt Tuna Melt

Webkinz Love Lion Video

Webkinz Love Dino

Webkinz Love Dino Special Item and Food – Cloud Nine Window – Beautiful Bon Bon Bouquet

Webkinz Love Dino is a virtual only Webkinz pet. You can get its special item Cloud Nine Window and its special food Beautiful Bon Bon Bouquet when you adopt this Love Webkinz.

Webkinz Love Dino Video

Webkinz Love Kitten

Webkinz Love Kitten Special Item and Food – Heart Air Balloon – Valentine’s Vittles

Webkinz Love Kitten is another virtual only Valentine Webkinz. Its special item is Heart Air Balloon and its special food is Valentine’s Vittles.

Webkinz Love Kitten Video

Webkinz Love Puffin

Webkinz Love Puffin Special Item and Food – Lovely Tree Swing – Cherished Cheesecake

Webkinz Love Puffin is a virtual only Webkinz pet that you can adopt online. Its special item is Lovely Tree Swing and its special food is Cherished Cheesecake.

Webkinz Love Puffin Video

Webkinz Lovely Panda

Webkinz Lovely Panda is a new release virtual only pet for February 2013. Lovely Panda is just perfect for Valentine’s Day. This lovely pet’s special item is Pink Blossom Hideout and its special food is Friendship Fortune Cookies.