If you are looking for where to buy Webkinz Charms, they are getting harder and harder to find. I have purchased several of the Webkinz charms and the charm bracelet and am very pleased with the quality. They make a wonderful gift. Not only are the Webkinz charms fun to own, but purchasing them is the only way you can get a secret code to unlock the Webkinz Magical Charm Forest in Webkinz World.

There are 24 charms in all and each one has a secret code that unlocks a level in the Webkinz Charm Forest with more virtual charms for you to collect. You can click on a fairy and see if she will drop a key. The key opens a door where you can find a number of different prizes and charms. Be careful though, you might just click on a bad fairy who is pretending to be a good fairy.

If you want to unlock the Charm Forest in your Webkinz World and want to know where to buy Webkinz charms, you can still find them on eBay.

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If you don’t want to wait for an auction to end you can also buy them now by clicking here.

Where to buy Webkinz Charms