Webkinz Dragons

Webkinz Dragons are friendly not ferocious with a little fantasy added in. These mystic creatures are a magical addition to any Webkinz lover’s collection. They are cute and sparkly or dark and fiery. If you like dragons, these Webkinz stuffed animal dragons are a treat for you. Pick your favorite Webkinz Dragon. There are icy ones for a frosty day or dark and fiery like smoke and lava. You can get a playful one or a majestic and magical one. You get to decide the type you want and what type of personality and characteristics it will have.

There’s the Webkinz Citrus Dragon, the Emperor Dragon, the Whimsy Dragon, the Lava Dragon and the Ice Dragon. The Shamrock Dragon is a special holiday Webkinz that is just a virtual online pet. But all the other plush pets come with an online version of your dragon to play with on Webkinz in Kinzville too.

Webkinz Twilight Dragon

The Webkinz Twilight Dragon’s favorite time of day is just after sunset and before the moon comes up. This pretty blue and purple colored dragon has the colors of the sky just before the sun goes down and the enchanting feeling of a dusky sky.

It loves to play with all the toys in its Enchanted Toy Chest and its favorite food is Midnight Macaroni.

Webkinz Twilight Dragon

Webkinz Splash Dragon

The Webkinz Splash Dragon is a new release for August 2011. This mysterious creature is a legend from the sea. Splash Dragon is playful and loves to share. It is a water creature that is sure to delight. It’s favorite food is Salt Water Taffy and it’s special item is a Sea Legend’s Bed.

Webkinz Splash Dragon

Webkinz Emperor Dragon

The Webkinz Emperor Dragon is brave and wise and caring too. This dragon is true royalty. It’s special item is the Timeless Treasure Television and it’s favorite food is Dragon’s Dessert Flambe.

Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Emperor Dragon

Webkinz Citrus Dragon

The Webkinz Citrus Dragon is light green, orange and yellow. It’s thoughtful and kind and likes to stay cool. Its special item is a Lemonade Stand and its favorite food is Citrus Sherbet Sorbet.

Webkinz Citrus Dragon

Webkinz Lava Dragon

The Webkinz Lava Dragon is a fiery friend, lovable and chatty. Its special item is the Molten Magma Bed and its favorite food is Magical Magma Marshmallows.

Webkinz HM463 Halloween Lava Dragon Plush Animal

Webkinz Whimsy Dragon

Webkinz Whimsy Dragon is a magical, pink whimsy and loves to learn, play, and explore. Its special Item is the Treasure Throne and its favorite food is Flickering Flame Fajitas.

Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Whimsical Dragon

Webkinz Ice Dragon

The Webkinz Ice Dragon is really cool. With a frosty look and shimmering body, you’ll feel like you are in a magical arctic land of make believe. This polar pal likes to play in the Ice Tower Lookout and its favorite food is Mythical Milkshake.

Webkinz Ice Dragon

Webkinz Shamrock Dragon

Webkinz Shamrock Dragon

The Shamrock Dragon is a special online holiday Webkinz. You can play with this Webkinz Dragon online. Its special item is the Gushing Green Geyser and its favorite food is Candy Clovers.

Webkinz Stormy Dragon

Webkinz Stormy Dragon is one of the newest dragon pets from Webkinz. This stormy fellow loves to relax in the rain. When a storm in brewing it this pets favorite time. With a hint of dark clouds and an electrical storm in its coloring, you may also see a little bit of a shimmery rainbow when the storm has past. Its special item is lightning lagoon and its special food is Shimmering Soda.

Webkinz Plush Stormy Dragon Virtual Interactive Pet

Webkinz Glitzy Dragon

Webkinz Glitzy Dragon is one of the new release Webkinz for October 2011. Its special item is Winged Wardrobe and its special food is Classy Creme Brulee.

Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Glitzy Dragon