Webkinz Peace Out Puppy is a mellow pet with peace signs, hearts and flowers. It has purple ears, paws and tail with silver sparkles. It’s a 60’s kind of vibe for the modern peace loving kind of friend.

This pretty pet is sure to please with its retro special item the Peace ‘n Love Van and its vegan fare special food Tofu Tapioca.

Webkinz Peace Out Puppy

Webkinz Peace Out Puppy Special Item and Food

Webkinz Peace Out Puppy Video

Peace Sign Webkinz

Tie Dye Webkinz

Peace Sign Necklace

Peace sign necklaces are a groovy symbol of peace and love. You can wear one to match you Peace Out Puppy. Here is a pretty multi-color peace sign necklace.

Sterling Silver Dichroic Glass Multi-Color Peace Sign Pendant Necklace on Stainless Steel Wire, 18″