Webkinz Sweetheart Pup is a sweetie and the perfect Webkinz friend for Valentine’s Day and every day. The Sweetheart Pup is a new release for January 2013. It loves to lay around on its special item Bean Bag Bed and get a good start to the day with its special food Sweetheart Cereal.

Get this adorable plush Webkinz for someone you love and when you enter its special code online in Webkinz World you get access to all the fun games and activities you can play there.

Webkinz Sweetheart Pup

If you are looking for a great Valentine’s day gift, this puppy will be just the thing to tell that special someone how much you really care.

Webkinz Sweetheart Pup Special Item and Food

Webkinz Sweetheart Pup Video

Love and Hearts Webkinz

Valentine Webkinz

Webkinz Valentine T-Shirt

A Webkinz Valentine T-Shirt would be a great gift to give along with the Sweetheart Pup for Valentine’s Day. This white t-shirt has a big red heart and features two adorable Webkinz pets. You can dress up with Webkinz for the day. You can also dress up your pet any time with Webkinz clothes and accessories and put the clothes on your online pet too.

Webkinz Valentine Tee Shirt – Medium By Ganz

Valentine Webkinz ‘Mazin Hamster

There are lots of cute Valentine Webkinz to give as gifts for Valentine’s Day. There are love Webkinz and cute pink Webkinz with red, pink and purple hearts. They are so cute you have to get more than one.

Webkinz Cinnamon Mazin Hamster

This adorable hamster would make a fun gift and you get to play with it on Webkinz World too.

Love Webkinz