Webkinz Penguin is a black and white bundle of fun. This pet likes to waddle around online at Webkinz World. It loves making new friends and has a warm heart. Its special item is Icy Fishing Hole Fridge and its special food is a Fishsicle.

Webkinz Penguin is a retired Webkinz and rare to find but its makes a great pet especially for penguin lovers. This cute little bird from the antarctic likes it chilly but has a warm personality and is so loveable. If you like Happy Feet or March of the Penguins then you will love this cute and cuddly bird. Maybe you could teach it to do a little tap dance and sing like Elvis.

Webkinz Penguin

Webkinz Penguin Special Item and Food

Webkinz Penguin Friends

Webkinz Signature Penguin

Webkinz Signature Penguin is a very life like penguin. Its special item is Frozen Fountain and its special food is Flying Fish and Chips.

Webkinz Signature Penguin

The Signature Penguin is a very realistic looking penguin plush. It has the black and white fur and and orange colored markings of a real penguin. It you know a penguin lover then this pet is just the thing.

Webkinz Signature Penguin Special Item and Food

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