Prehistoric Webkinz are a fun collection of Webkinz Dinosaurs and other Ice Age, Jurassic and Stone Age pets. Now you can play with these extinct animal plush pets and visit with them online at Webkinz World. There are lots of great Webkinz Dinos, a Sabertooth Tiger, Pterodactyl and other caveman times pets. They are great for dinosaur stuffed animal fans.

This Wooly Mammoth is an Ice Age favorite. Its special item is Ice Age Icebox and its special food is Roots and Shoots Platter.

Webkinz Wooly Mammoth

Webkinz Wooly Mammoth Special Item and Food

Prehistoric Webkinz

Webkinz Darling Dino

Webkinz Darling Dino is a pretty prehistoric pet. With light purple and pastels and a pretty pink polka dot bow this Dino is a looker. Its special Item is Prehistoric Pond and its special food is Sparkling Sundae.

Webkinz Darling Dino

Webkinz Darling Dino Special Food and Item

Webkinz Dinosaur Adoption

Webkinz Bubblegumasaurus

Webkinz Bubblegumasaurus is a friend that is sure to stick by you through the ages. Its special item is Giant Gumball Wardrobe and its special food is Bubbly Gumbo.

Webkinz Bubblegumasaurus

Webkinz Bubblegumasaurus Special Item and Food

Webkinz Dinosaurs

Webkinz Pterodactyl