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Webkinz Bunny

A Webkinz Bunny is the perfect Webkinz gift for Easter or for bunny lovers anytime. This Webkinz Cheeky Bunny is so cute in pink and a happy grin. It would look great in an Easter basket and it is soft and cuddly to hug and play with. There are other cute Webkinz bunny plush pets […]

Webkinz Penguin is a black and white bundle of fun. This pet likes to waddle around online at Webkinz World. It loves making new friends and has a warm heart. Its special item is Icy Fishing Hole Fridge and its special food is a Fishsicle. Webkinz Penguin is a retired Webkinz and rare to find […]

Prehistoric Webkinz are a fun collection of Webkinz Dinosaurs and other Ice Age, Jurassic and Stone Age pets. Now you can play with these extinct animal plush pets and visit with them online at Webkinz World. There are lots of great Webkinz Dinos, a Sabertooth Tiger, Pterodactyl and other caveman times pets. They are great […]

Spring Webkinz

Spring Webkinz are adorable springtime plush pets that you can collect. When Spring is in the air little baby animals come out and play. Webkinz World has some cute and cuddly pets just for the season and Easter too. There are Webkinz bunnies and ducks and other springtime Webkinz stuffed animals that make great gifts. […]

Winter Webkinz

Winter Webkinz are seasonal Webkinz plush pets that are fun to collect and give as gifts in the wintertime. There are lots of snowy and wintery stuffed animals that you can get from Webkinz. This blue and silver Winter Fawn plush is perfect for playing with on a snowy winter’s day. There are many other […]

Webkinz Peace Out Puppy

Webkinz Peace Out Puppy is a mellow pet with peace signs, hearts and flowers. It has purple ears, paws and tail with silver sparkles. It’s a 60’s kind of vibe for the modern peace loving kind of friend. This pretty pet is sure to please with its retro special item the Peace ‘n Love Van […]

Webkinz Grape Soda Pup is a bubbley friend with a grapey color. This light purple and lavender plush puppy is just adorable. The Webkinz Grape Soda Pup is one of the Webkinz soda pets and it is an October 2012 new release. You’ll have great fun playing with Webkinz Grape Soda Pup plush and when […]

Webkinz Lucky Dino is a charming dinosaur plush pet. This pet is white with green shamrocks and has a green scaled back. If you own one you are lucky indeed. This Lucky Dinosaur is the perfect gift for St. Patrick’s day and is a new release for January 2013. The luck of the Irish makes […]

Webkinz Sweetheart Pup is a sweetie and the perfect Webkinz friend for Valentine’s Day and every day. The Sweetheart Pup is a new release for January 2013. It loves to lay around on its special item Bean Bag Bed and get a good start to the day with its special food Sweetheart Cereal. Get this […]

Valentine Webkinz

Webkinz Valentine – Single Red Rose Valentine Webkinz make great gifts for someone you love. These cute and cuddly Webkinz are adorable pets with pink and red hearts to make them special for Valentine’s day or any day you want to show someone you love that you care. Valentine Webkinz are rare seasonal Webkinz pets […]

Webkinz Bull Terrier

Webkinz Bull Terrier is the March 2013 Webkinz Pet of the Month. The Webkinz Bull Terrier looks tough but it’s really an old softy. It wouldn’t even hurt a flea. Its special item is the Sturdy Stone Lantern and its special food is Bull’s Eye Biscuits. When you adopt a Webkinz Bull Terrier in the […]

It’s almost New Years and you can decorate your Webkinz World with some fun and festive New Year’s Eve decorations. There’s a fun countdown to New Year’s ball and some fancy dress up clothes for your Webkinz. You can even get a white limo for your New Year Eve party and a disco floor where […]

2013 Webkinz Pet of the Month plush pets will be revealed as the months go by. Here is a list of all the 2013 Webkinz Pets of the Month so far and their special items and food. Each month Webkinz will select a different Webkinz pet to be the Pet of the Month. You can […]

Webkinz Springbok

The Webkinz Springbok is a stuffed animal replica of the the brown and white African gazelle with the same name. This speedy creature has long legs and loves to leap around. Its special item is the Dessert Drive In and its special food is Oasis Iced Tea. This pet likes to kick back and watch […]

Webkinz Opal Owl

The Webkinz Opal Owl is a new release for January 2013. This adorable hooty owl is brown with a jeweled pattern on its tummy and under its wings. It has a fluffy collar and ears. It would make a wonderful gift for owl lovers. Its special item is Forest Treasures Safe and its special food […]