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Webkinz White Peppermint Unicorn Online Pet The Webkinz White Peppermint Unicorn is a festive holiday Webkinz.  This online only pet is an adorable white unicorn with red and green peppermint striped accents on its horn, mane and hoofs.    You’ll find this pet to be refreshingly fun.  This unique friend is sure to help you […]

Webkinz Chow Chow

The Webkinz Chow Chow is a December 2012 Webkinz new pet release. You’ll go bow wow for the Webkinz Chow Chow. This pedigree pup has pretty brown fluffy fur. It loves to be pampered and is sure to smile whenever you give it something good to eat for a snack. This puffy lion dog is […]

Webkinz Aardvark

The Webkinz Aardvark is the Webkinz Pet of the Month for January 2013. This nosey pet loves to roam around Webkinz World. Maybe it has ants in its pants. Being an anteater it likes to eat ants and termites. Its special item is Ant Hill Thrill Pit and its special food is Termite Delight. Adopt […]

Webkinz has a new video challenge with an Arthur Christmas theme.  Just watch the Arthur Christmas video very carefully and remember all the craziness you see.  Then answer a few short questions and you could win one of these cute Arthur Christmas prizes to play with your online Webkinz account. Arthur Christmas (Three Discs: Blu-ray […]

Webkinz Turkey is an adorable Webkinz plush pet and is great to get for Thanksgiving or to give to turkey lovers. Webkinz Turkey is a soft spoken forest-dweller and has a gentle nature. It loves to garden and tend its crops and spend time outdoors. This talented pet likes to relax on its special item […]

The Webkinz Moose is the Webkinz Pet of the Month for December 2012. This great big moose is a cool critter. Moose is easy-going and is a great buddy. It likes to chill out on its special item, the Great White North throne and on dine its special food, a delicious dish of chocolate mousse. […]

The Webkinz Red Squirrel is the Webkinz Pet of the Month for November 2012. This friendly little fellow has a big bushy rustic red tail and it knows how to find nuts in the woods. Its special item is the Carefully Carved Lamppost and its special food is Peppermint Pinecone. This curious critter can come […]

Webkinz Dalmatian is a retired Webkinz but this hard working dog loves to make you smile. Dalmatians are so cute with their black and white spots. They are good firehouse dogs. The Dalmatian’s special item is Rapid Rescue Fire Truck and special food is 5-Alarm Chili. This high energy pup will be a great Webkinz […]

Webkinz Midnight Monster is the Webkinz Pet of the Month for October 2012 just in time for Halloween. The Webkinz Midnight Monster is a not so scary pet with blue fur, a tuff of purple on its head and black and white striped horns. It has a silly face with a big green nose and […]

Webkinz Barred Owl is the pet of the Month for August 2012. The Webkinz Barred Owl is a hooty owl who likes to keep busy. Its special item is the hollow lounger and its special food is Rocky Rodent Mice Cream. Webkinz Barred Owl Webkinz Barred Owl Gift Box Pet Specific Item and Food When […]

Webkinz Peace Puppy

Webkinz Peace Puppy is an extremely rare Webkinz. This adorable puppy has sky blue ears and peace signs all over its white coat. This peaceful pup is just precious and has deep peaceful eyes. Its special item is Plasma Peace Sign and its special food is Peaceful Pasta. If you are lucky and have a […]

The Webkinz Pet of the Month for February 2012 is Webkinz Pom Pom Kitty. This perfect pink fuzz ball is Pom Pom Kitty. You’ll love this cat and have a fun and exciting time whenever it’s around. Pom Pom Kitty likes to bounce around Webkinz world and cheer. Its special item is Spirit Squad Uniform […]

The Webkinz New Releases for January 2012 are available now. There are so many cute new Webkinz to get. Webkinz White Tiger – HM614 Webkinz Darling Dino – HM621 Webkinz Airedale Terrier – HM628 Webkinz Holland Lop Bunny – HM632 Webkinz Blossom Sea Turtle – HM640 Webkinz Cotton Candy Puppy – HM642 Webkinz Mohawk Puppy […]

Webkinz Grey Langur is the January 2012 Webkinz Pet of the Month. Webkinz Grey Langur This pet loves to monkey around and explore. Grey Langurs are very curious and like to learn new things. Its special item is the Jungle Journey Balloon and its favorite food is Fried Fruited Fungi Fritters. Be sure to start […]

December 2011 Webkinz New Releases

Webkinz December 2011 New Releases The December 2011 New Webkinz have been released and there are some cute and cuddly Webkinz to add to your collection. There are also some new virtual pets that you can get at the estore or on ebay if you want to get the codes. Which ones are you going […]